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silence to listen in [Sep. 8th, 2006|03:18 pm]
Paradise Reborn - A Silent Hill AU RPG


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((ya may note from the thread below Vincent and Cheryl did some interacting.. (check replies)
We were driving into town. I can assume we may very well have passed James and Maria and Walter at some point, if anyone wants to note seeing a functioning car go by and maybe come looking for one or the other of us...
I won't be on again til this evening, so I figured I'd write this little solo in the meantime... Claudia? take note; Vincent is likely to be in your area quite soon if you're still at the church...))

There wasn't a lot more to say, really, or at least no more that Vincent wanted to talk about.Heather had asked him nothing of what he had done after the stabwounds had healed, and that was fine...some of those things burned in his memory, eating away at him like acid, festering nearly as terribly as the events that had occurred at Silent Hill once had.

One might say, perhaps, he had had a few moments of clarity since the end of those events. A bit more perspective on his place in the world, and how much or how little Silent Hill actually inhabited that world. There was a hole here, he thought, and no matter how much others had ridiculed him for his mad tale, he knew that here, anyway, that hole had teeth. Stare into the abyss long enough, someone had once said, and one day you might find the abyss is staring right back thru you...

"I'd like to get out here," he said softly as Heather reached the Lakeside Amusement Park. She would know, as he had also remembered- there was an entrance to the church thru here. A secret entrance.

The church that had fallen to rubble in the descent of the God.

It had been his once. Parts of it even built with his own hands, and most of it built with his money. That church. Had meant everything to him once, and now it was junk.

He chuckled dryly, in spite of himself, and then glanced at Heather, wondering if she had heard the laugh, been startled by it.

"Home sweet home," he muttered and then, getting his satchel from the backseat, added, "Thanks for the lift. You didn't have to stop...but you did.
I know you never trusted me, not until the end. And by then it was too late for any of us...I can't say with any degree of honesty my motives were pure. If somehow I could have stopped you...stopped Claudia... none of this would ever have happened. My life would have gone on as regular. Safe. Secure. Predictable.

Now it's all gone to pieces, and I'm still trying to make something of what's left.
You don't have to follow me; I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. But I need to see it again, what's left of the church. It was my home for so long. Maybe it's better if you didn't, so I could have quiet for awhile.
They say, after all, you need silence to listen to your ghosts."