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in which Vincent gets religion. [Sep. 10th, 2006|02:20 am]
Paradise Reborn - A Silent Hill AU RPG


[mood |weirdooh, spoooky.]

Vincent stepped up onto the platform of the merry go round, suddenly nervous. The ride was faded and peeling, but the colors that remained were still garish; the horses faces looked crazed, not friendly. If they were real horses, they'd be horses whipped so hard and so often they'd be frenzied, frothing at the mouth as they chewed the bridle bit.
Once long ago Vincent could swear he'd seen them looking dead, great hooks in their backs, red mist outlining their breath.
But that had been a trick of the light, right?
For a moment the platform lurched, a single calliope note sounding.
He managed to keep his balance, his heart suddenly beating too fast again.
He coughed. straightened his glasses. "coincidence," he muttered, "faulty old thing..." he started towards the exit ramp, the false front in the wall.

He had actually had the back door built as a sort of 'just in case'; until this church had been built the Order had met, like the catacomb Christians before them, in secrecy. Hiding like churchmice...little basement get togethers with little makeshift altars. It had annoyed Vincent, really. Wasn't the Order supposed to be the real power in this town? Then why weren't they acting it? No reason to hide from the world they commanded...still. Just in case. Long long ago in the town's history the Puritan Christians had burnt some of the Order's 'saints' as witches. which is how they became saints in the first place, Vincent thought as he traversed broken beams as he made his way down the tunnel, ironic one has to die before people think you are 'special'.Anyway. Just in case someone in the town suddenly decided the Order was evil, he knew he, anyway, knew where and how to beat a hasty retreat.

He looked at the writings on the tunnel walls. Old grafitti. NOT his. Claudia's obsessive last minute madness, no doubt. Scribblings Heather'd probably not even bothered to read. He stopped to read one himself. "'The beauty of the withering flower and the last struggles of the dying man, they are my blessings,'" he read aloud,"'God took endless time away from the people so that they can die'.How lovely." and what a double edged blessing that had been...

Entering the actual church, Vincent suddenly felt that little frisson of fear again. Had somebody been here recently? The altar had been set up again, and the candles, tho burned down to mere puddles of wax, still looked newish.There was a faint smell in the air- incense? perfume? and Vincent began to tread quieter, more cautiously. Suddenly he wasn't sure visiting here was such a good idea....

Truth? Trick of the light? He thought he saw a silohuette against one of the stained glass panels. A woman's profile, head bowed in reverence....

Vincent's courage left him all at once, and he almost tripped over a broken beam in his haste to get out of there.
Anyone truly in that church would hear his hurried footfalls as he ran away back down the tunnel...

...and ran all the way back to the park's entrance. "Heatherrrr!" now that he was back in the outside air he dared to breathe, dared to cry out. "Heather, are you there, it's me, Vincent. I've suddenly remembered I have some urgent business in another part of town..." but of course, she'd have driven on. He was on his own.

Shaking. He looked at his hand to notice how badly he'd rattled himself. There was nothing here, was there? Nothing but the ever present fog.

He took a flannel from his pocket and wiped the fear-sweat from his brow."I need a drink." he said aloud, and pondered the long walk to Heaven's Night.

((and if anyone IS there, now'd be the time to make him scream like a girly...))

[User Picture]From: sisterclaudia
2006-09-10 12:57 pm (UTC)
((One girly scream inducing moment coming up, courtesty of Wolf Enterprises))

Claudia looked around sharply, just in time to see a sillouette disappearing back through the door which had lead to the tunnel. Had someone been spying on her?

She tried briefly to shake the thought from her head. She had no desire to leave her vigil at the foot of the altar. But the sound of heavy footfall was so insistent, and so incongrous with a place of worship that she rose to her feet.

Swiftly and silently, she followed the sound of panicked footsteps. Perhaps a lost soul was in need of guidance, perhaps the agents of sin were attempting to lure her out from her place of sanctuary, perhaps it was a sign from God...all of these possibility ran through her mind, without her properly considering any of them.

She thought she heard someone scream out Heather's name, and her stomach lurched, though her face remained impassive as ever as she stopped briefly to stroke the wooden mane of one of the carousel horses, and pressed on with graceful urgency through the Lakeside Amusement Park.

She could make out the figure of a man through the heavy mist which clung to everything like a blanket. Some called it suffocating, but to Claudia it was home.

There was something familiar about the figure, something which made her chest tighten with a curious mix of fear, loathing, and a hope which she violently supressed.

"I need a drink."

Her blood ran cold, as the dim light from the park entrance glanced off his glasses and suddenly illuminated a face which she had spent many nights trying to forget.

Her eyes widened and she stood there, frozen and shrouded in the eerie mist and her ritual black, an ashen pale as she stood staring at what could only be a ghost.

Ordinarily poised, ordinarly taking all manner of the supernatural in her stride, Claudia was rooted to the spot as she let out a piercing scream which tore the foggy air apart, and was enough to wake the dead themselves.
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[User Picture]From: snarky_padre_v
2006-09-10 07:12 pm (UTC)
The sound of the scream froze him to the spotas well, as frightening as it sounded frightened.He didn't stay frozen for long, tho, leaping up from his perch and wheeling around.

He saw her.He saw her and if there was anything to mar the moment, it would have been the utterly stupefied look on his face under the obviously feigned scowl that had only made the surface of his expression, as some attempt to mask how utterly scared he really was.

A glance down to his hand would prove that he had no weapon, tho he stood in a sort of en garde position.
"So," he said finally, "it IS you."

Against all rhyme or reason he collected up his satchel from where he'd been sitting; all the better to make sure I have my stuff if I need to beat a retreat and set it over his shoulder before daring to move a little closer.
"Are you a ghost?" he asked. His movement was cautious, fighting an urge to bolt at once. At the same moment he felt a ghost of pain, anyway, and almost without noticing, touched his chest lightly over the scar, his other hand moving to almost caress his back in a like manner.
Just taking inventory of damages once done.

His breathing was ragged and loud; if she figured it out at all before he finished, she would notice it was because he was stuttering over the 'h' of his next word; "H-h-h-how--?"
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[User Picture]From: snarky_padre_v
2006-09-10 07:28 pm (UTC)
((and speaking of Hs, I could have sworn there's one in sillohuette? sillouette? silo...meh. THAT word. doesn't it have an H somewhere?? I mean, your spelling looks more correct than mine did, but I'm still kinda sure there's an H about...))
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From: misscaptain
2006-09-11 01:44 am (UTC)
"Silhouette", apparently, according to spellcheck. You were much closer than I was. ^_^
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