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Rush of emotion [Sep. 19th, 2006|06:21 pm]
Paradise Reborn - A Silent Hill AU RPG
Heather felt as if she had been driving for days as she navigated through the fog infested town. The familiarity of the town sent her stomach in knots. She hadn't really thought about where she was headed until she slowed her car down in front of Midwich Elementary School.

Heather got out of her car and locked the door after she exited. There was something here, something that called to her silently. Although she had never been there before, it was all to familiar. She made her way slowly toward the school entrance and stopped in front of the doors. With a little apprehension she pushed the door open and entered. The school had the feeling of dead air all around. It seems no one had been here for quite sometime. Heather tucked her hair behind her ear and kept on down the corridor.

She had passed numerous vacant classrooms, all uniform in apperance. After walking a few corridors she stopped in front of one of the rooms. She went inside the classroom and suddenly became overwhelmed with emotions. Heather couldn't help the tears that flooded down her face as she felt, oddly, upset. She knelt down and placed her face in her hands and sobbed loudly. What was going on here?

After a moment the feeling subsided and she knew somehow. It was the emotions of Alessa, these were her tears. Heather stood and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and looked down at the desk in front of her. The name tag read;

Alessa Gillespie

Heather traced her hand along the desk and stared at the name tag. What did this all mean?

[User Picture]From: snarky_padre_v
2006-09-24 03:54 am (UTC)
((hey, I just thought I'd mention, the thing over here with Vincent, Claudia, PyramidHead and Walter is open.
V&C are over by the motel -and wouldn't THAT be an awkward reunion?- and are trying to go after PH, who has abducted Walter.
no idea where they're headed, but as PH has a head start, an actually running car might be of some use..*hint*))
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