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we come grinning... cont'd. [Sep. 22nd, 2006|08:11 am]
Paradise Reborn - A Silent Hill AU RPG


Altho Claudia's passing him registered with Vincent, it took him a few more to wake from his rapt trance, or whatever you'd consider it; a few more beyond that to reacclimate to his surroundings.
By then there was the sound of glass breaking and monsterous growling, and he made his way to the source, just to see the whole thing ending.

Vincent had never seen anything like PyramidHead before, so the sight of the huge man-shaped creature with the dark triangular head at first floored him. He gawped at Pyramid; and from the angle of its rakish helmet, it no doubt 'saw' him as well.

Then it had gathered up the unconscious? dead?? body of Walter Sullivan -who was, in fact, not exactly the smallest of guys either- and carried him off like a rag doll....

Vincent stared at the devastation a moment longer and then, finally, remembered Claudia.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.
She had been right here, in this room as it had all gone on. Surely she'd have some take on the strange events he had just witnessed...

From: misscaptain
2006-09-22 10:37 pm (UTC)
Claudia remained impassive as Pyramid Head swung his knife in front of her face, and was about to stride off in pursuit of the monster when she heard a familiar voice at her side.

"Are you alright?"

Claudia looked at him archly, a wry hint of a smile playing about her lips at the absurdity of his concern, and the curious look on his face.

"I confess, I have never encountered that particular denizen of Silent Hill before," she said with a look of annoyance at the hole in the wall. "There really was no need," she mused, "For such a dramatic exit. How very petulant."

She wandered over to the devasation caused to the wall of the room, and kicked at some rubble with her bare feet as she stared off into the night. "That was Walter Sullivan. It would appear that you are not the only member of The Order to be returning from the grave this evening. Although in his case, it seems to be literal. He reeks of...immortality. No, perhaps that is the wrong word, but his life is no longer his own, I suspect. And as for the other creature...? I have the distinct impression that he has taken it upon himself to punish whoever he percieves as guilty. There was something of an executioner complex about his aura."

There was a slight element of pride that her Sight had not waned through lack of use. She cleared her throat. "And so, Vincent, what do you propose we do? Come to the aid of our dear departed friend, or bide our time?"
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[User Picture]From: snarky_padre_v
2006-09-23 05:54 pm (UTC)
"..I..well,I.." Vincent could think of a hundred and fifty reasons NOT to pursue. That Sullivan wasn't exactly a 'friend' in any strict sense of the word- he had only met the man in passing and, from what he'd seen in Walter's memories about his grisly dispatch of the priests who had infected him with Valtiel, not likely to be seen as one by Walter.Take it or leave it, Vincent still was a priest, as there was no one left alive, apparently, with the authority to unordain him. Add to the fact that rescuing a priestkiller wasn't high on Vincent's list of things to do, there was the fact that the Red Pyramid had to be the hugest, most formidable monster Vincent had ever laid eyes on...he looked at Claudia. As ever righteous in her indignance. She had been this far from dashing off in pursuit right up until she had heard him voice his concern...

"Something tells me," Vincent sighed in resignation, stopping to clean his glasses as a stall for time, "that you find this important. So I guess we're going..." He fogged the lenses with his breath, then surreptitiously wiped them with a flannel he kept in his pocket.
Maybe, he could hope, the monster would have left no sign of its passing and they could get back here for a decent night's rest after all...
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