October 10th, 2006

Now or Never

On Tour

Cybil was pissed, she was so angry it appeared as if she had been downing vindaloos and had the worst ring sting of her life. The redness of her face was one which any hick hillybilly would be jealous to behold. She’d gone all the way to that fucking asylum on her bike and they’d just released her… just like that? Granted that backwater didn’t even start to describe how much this place was bumfuck USA but the fact they knew she was on her way and then had no records? She was going to stalk every fucking one of them until they broke the law and they’d all spend a night in the cells. She was angry enough to seriously considering setting the whole building on fire. Fuck those bastards and their smarmy note about ‘all beginning in silent hill meh!’ While no expert she could have quite easily given that advice, as sage as it truly was.

Giving a short, sharp kick to the side of the building as she passed it helped quicken the pace at which the anger left her. While the staff here were obviously in good need of a higher percentage of lead in their blood it was something that would have to wait. There was no rational reason as to why this nutjob would open the gate for her but since her last trip there, the lady cop had learned to trust her instincts. Maybe this would be another one of the veritable wealth of dead ends which had plagued her the last several years. There was something in the air this time and she was unsure of what but regardless she’d not be travelling anywhere without her piece and enough ammo to shoot dead a whole school of children.