smeared_canvas (smeared_canvas) wrote in paradisereborn,

Heather looked down at the stearing wheel as Vincent collected his things from the backseat. After he turned and said a few things, things that kind of stuck to her.

She glanced over to Vincent and responded.

"I know things with us before were wavering from the start. I still don't know how to treat our encounters, things are just kind of unsolved, I guess. I really don't even know why I even took us to this place after what had happend last time. But somehow I just had the drive to go and before I knew it we were in Silent Hill again." Heather almost seemed chilled by the thought of being back in this town. " I will let you go to the church by yourself, I think it is only right for you to do this on your own. Plus...I don't think I am ready to go back and visit that place yet. I think I just want to collect my thoughts anyway.... I will be back a little while later."

She gave him a small wave as he left her car and began his descent toward the remnants of the church. Heather watched as he disappered into the thick fog and became invisible from sight.

Heather looked ahead into the abyss of fog that laid stretched across the road ahead of her. The realization of being back at this place uneased her. Not knowing what lied ahead of her frightend her and she almost just turned the car around and sped the hell out of town. But something seemed to make her want to stay. As if she had some un-finished business to attend to. A lost piece to the giant jigsaw puzzle that plagued her mind and dreams night after night. She didn't want the wounds of last times' encounter to shred open and bleed her dry. But.....any kind of resolve was maybe worth a couple of gashes.

She pulled her car out of park and drove on through the fog that seemed to invite her in. She had no clue where she was headed but felt it was in the right direction.

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