snarky_padre_v (snarky_padre_v) wrote in paradisereborn,

we come grinning... cont'd.

Altho Claudia's passing him registered with Vincent, it took him a few more to wake from his rapt trance, or whatever you'd consider it; a few more beyond that to reacclimate to his surroundings.
By then there was the sound of glass breaking and monsterous growling, and he made his way to the source, just to see the whole thing ending.

Vincent had never seen anything like PyramidHead before, so the sight of the huge man-shaped creature with the dark triangular head at first floored him. He gawped at Pyramid; and from the angle of its rakish helmet, it no doubt 'saw' him as well.

Then it had gathered up the unconscious? dead?? body of Walter Sullivan -who was, in fact, not exactly the smallest of guys either- and carried him off like a rag doll....

Vincent stared at the devastation a moment longer and then, finally, remembered Claudia.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.
She had been right here, in this room as it had all gone on. Surely she'd have some take on the strange events he had just witnessed...

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